A picture of the deep blue sky and the moon in suburban Sunshine, Melbourne.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is to learn in which ways we can improve the bottom line for a client, while enhancing their customer relationship.

In sunny, suburban Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, in the nation and continent of Australia, our many sub-communities contain a great variety of people with different languages, cultures and interests.

From community groups to small and medium-sized businesses and markets we all can benefit with a planned approach to new technologies and financial systems, with particular attention given to the security of payments and communications.

Our Story

Community Coin Pty Ltd is a new company in a new industry.

Our principal has a Commerce degree majoring in Economics, Electronic Commerce and Management Information Systems (Deakin 2000) and has been working in IT since 1986. He had involvement in the development of digital currencies beginning about 1999. Initially sceptical about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, the year 2017 has been a wake up call and 2018 so far (to early February) has been a punishing warning!

We are based and registered in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and are ready to have a conversation with you about how we can help you improve your financial bottom line and security of payments and communications by employing technologies of encryption and cryptocurrencies (encrypted and verifiably sure transactions).

The face of Community Coin

Ian Green

A veteran of network administration, technical support and talking a lot with regular people. Ian always strives to add maximum value to your experience with us.

Ian Green

Taking a break in Thailand with his wife, Marisol.

Ian started working with information systems in 1980, when they were made of paper and cardboard!

He has not been totally assimilated into the nerdiness of information technology, keeping a sufficient balance of other interests to be able to interpret (to be an interface) between various human languages and computing environments.

Ian's Bachelor of Commerce was completed at Deakin University in Geelong, Victoria, Australia majoring in Economics, Electronic Commerce and Management Information Systems.

Apart from spending most of 2017 outside Australia, he has spent the previous two decades in Australia providing technical and network support for humans in the use of computers, networks, smart phones and communications. He also spent five years with a couple of hours per week presenting music on 96.3 Rhema FM in Geelong and song leading in his church and was at one time a board member of the Australian Esperanto Association.

Your next steps...

Make an appointment to discuss your goals for your organisation or business, in relation to improving the efficiency and security of incoming and outgoing payments and the security, privacy and verifiability of your communications with customers and suppliers.